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Tibet Hotel Chengdu Survival of the fittest in natural selection, Sichuan, its beauty is for discovering; miraculous and vast, Tibet, its beauty is for exploring. Chengdu — a city once you come, you will never want to leave, whereTibet Hotellies in. Though it's a square inch place, Tibet Hotel is exactly the window of snowy plateau. May you be happy and healthy at the blessing of auspicious canon. The building stylistically evokes Lhasa's Potala Palace and…More>>

住客评论 2498条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • cjjmjj
    Nice hotel, shopping around and convenient, breakfast was very good
  • adrean0827
    Good service, outdated facilities.
  • genin
    Very good, room large and comfortable. Travel is also convenient ... will stay again.
  • Balance
    Hotel Interior renovation, noisy
  • leemiaoyi
    Hotel facilities very good
  • luanfei1207
    Which is very nice.
  • jameswu0114
    Lovely hotel
  • jingjing2222
    Service attitude is good, the hardware less than five stars, air conditioning air outlet is the implantation, the cold wind blowing directly on the head
  • avl061
    Health good, affordable, less ancillary facilities
  • tanjingjing05
    That's no problem
  • gogofan
    Well, next time you will go to
  • bb712781
    Tibetan style, taste of Tibet ... ...
  • lang_mi
    High cost of hotels and rich Tibetan flavor in the lobby, rooms are small, but very distinctive, clean. Although one, but in General, but has called the software wherever convenient ...
  • mjo10
    Travel Chengdu has been living the hotel, away from the subway station 300m.
  • greenlily
    Nice environment, away from the North Station
  • catcat302831
    Come and meet friends for hotels, the overall feeling good. is rich in elements in Tibet. attitude of the hotel staff is very good, restaurant food was delicious, highly recommended.
  • fu01272000
    Staff awareness of service
  • e00592974
    Great breakfast restaurant is newly renovated, Tibetan style. must have the opportunity to stay the next time.
  • defty
    Second stay at Tibet Hotel, very satisfied!
  • linda0508
    Great five-star service out of Protocol Office will call a taxi for the guest room tips card on the bed at night can experience the efficacy of different pillows left a glass of PEAR, dried white fungus soup on the table mug filled with still warm when I drink card feel more considerate of the store was attentive before leaving Chengdu this and extend it for one night next time will choose
  • lucian0820
    Luxury five-star hotel, the room is very big and very satisfied with clean comfortable. okay.
  • CYN1201
    Clean, comfortable, convenient! this is good value for money hotel
  • appleren81
    Very good, very good, very good!
  • e05056591
    Very unique hotels, Tibetan style feet. There are soup drink
  • jsg91235
    Because I live around in demolition, so a little noisy in the morning! good! green room does not provide disposable utensils, this is very good!
  • samono
    Hotel service, health wants to do better
  • fairy5119891
    Very close to the railway station, hotel is very Tibetan style, the service is in place, warm, humane! unfortunately many facilities in the decoration, did not have a good experience!
  • clx9880
    Super great! good, convenient! high performance-price ratio
  • MA1933
    Very good hotel, cost-effective, convenient, staff were very friendly. for there to be further
  • marsliu
    Veteran five-star hotel, service is I in Chengdu live had best of five-star. zhiqian two days respectively experience has dongdaminghaoya hotel and Wun spent spring Taiwan hotel, attitude only is barely can, but Chengdu Tibet Hotel was has home away from home of sense. regardless of is mention luggage of small guy, registration personnel. free encountered of hotel staff, see I a face confused Shi are enthusiastic to care--need what did? natural amiable. hotel dining Shi we table no tissue,, I opening to to, serviceMember sister was said--sorry no care to you. sweet of feel shows. Tibet Hotel is unique. culture Gallery in collection has Tibetan life art, non-material culture heritage and the masters of for. Gallery art influence, increased has hotel of history sense and stable of temperament. II floor restaurant luxury style, next methyl pulled College is and implicit restrained losing elegant. on hotel facilities,, room within from switch air conditioning control button view, is not latest type of, also cannotIs luxury, but conservation have very good, can see in design of early Xia has is big mind. I live luxury double room. bedroom clean clean, bed compared high, is comfortable. bathroom angle angle ups and downs are was carefully care. towel tissue large soft, United States version of forthright size, and space of big also has Dresser stools small mirror for ladies makeup with, is intimate. hotel location Yu downtown, to million up square walk 5 minutes around. However only insufficient is hotel around has construction. subsectionOne-night stay near the road, and sleep at night is quiet. opposite the second night, can't sleep due to construction noise at night, call the help desk, the staff brought earplugs, after which you will hear nothing. my friends and I are very fond of this hotel, very clean, buffet benefits. If the next time you would choose a quiet room, still full five-star experience.
  • aweismu
  • Liuyijing96
    Room very good, comfortable, the service is also very good. hotel is near the subway station, go out to play first.
  • opusliang
    Very good second stay at
  • dlxiewei
    Well, the hotel at decorate. poor breakfast! met a small story, but near misses
  • acongbner
    Old hotel, facilities were long, today one gas-tight down the smell in the room. level of Service service level and then
  • scarly
    Hotel is very good
  • annie_liu623
    Rooms at the tea place
  • fer__138
    Although it is five stars, but because of its age, facilities are very old, the bed is too soft, a night sleep almost. buffet breakfast is good, variety, and service.
  • e00075713
    Well, this time to be with friends and go to the sports center to watch GI concert, great location, can walk past, along the way to eat a lot of things. Tibet Hotel stayed many times, very good!
  • gaoyu96
    Suites have a little smaller, others okay.
  • miaoxiaolin007
    All right
  • jiongnian
    Basic Ruz to Chengdu hotel over the years, mainly because of elements of Tibet, of course, hotels in health, services such as basic conditions meet the requirements of the five-star. Stresses in particular the restaurant before the Mapo tofu was delicious, had enjoyed for lunch for three consecutive days, but that didn't get a chance to dine at the hotel two years stay, wish no change!
  • sammi.T
    Service is in place
  • liulajuan
    Yes, live
  • LeoSung
    Tough, five-star hotel, very distinctive
  • babyrose
    Good choice, the hotel lobby, rooms are small, but very delicate health, comfort, and good style!
  • siusiusiu214
    The prices are OK, hotel is a bit old
  • flybugcoco
    Business single room, very good!
  • sylviajing
    Very good hotel, nostalgia
  • liusy
    Which is very nice