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The Chengdu Tibet Hotel (Chengdu Xizang Fandian) is popular as a point of departure for flights into neighboring Tibet. Designed to five-star standards and sponsored by the Tibet Autonomous Region government, the Chengdu Tibet Hotel has been specially designed to provide a full range of services for trips into Tibet.

The building stylistically evokes Lhasa's Potala Palace and houses nearly 300 guestrooms, including deluxe suites and superior rooms, a business center, travel desk, shopping center and a recreation center.[View Detail]
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  • awaworld
    Old rooms facilities, rooms don't smell too good, others are also good
  • Essay
    More characteristics, service was good
  • m03148127
    Loved the hotel. often, Nice ... very special.
  • BEN.C
    Hotel service and facilities good, clean health, compared quiet, ointment of is bathroom wet didn't dry had. Although Metro also didn't repair to there, but taxi is convenient, just near restaurant not more, taste also not too for, but we also are is in outside play of when on put rice eat has again back hotel. anyway also is is satisfaction. Special to mention a sentence, Chengdu people, Sichuan people is enthusiasm, especially taxi brother, to Chengdu added points many, praise a a.
  • allendie
  • stormbird
    That's good
  • beccabely
    Veteran hotel, service is Rod, but facilities also is some with not Shang, reservation of luxury big bed room, but shower between of ground leveling poor, bath water fundamental flow not out, each are have is carefully, breakfast is Rod, also is has hid type and Chuan taste snacks, first times drink buttered tea, taste good. hotel location belongs to make in the take static, away from Metro and million up square is near. If has opportunities again to Chengdu also will live this.
  • luojing1155
    Hotel was very good, service, health conditions are very good, especially the breakfast was very good. not imagined how, from the subway station, Wanda Plaza, near, in short, is recommended, will stay again next time.
  • yeguopeng
    Hotel was very good ... good location, good facilities, good service, good health.
  • samono
    Hotel service, health wants to do better
  • liangliang2009
    Well, Yes, the Cafe new decoration, do not know when the buffet open
  • mjo10
    Travel Chengdu has been living the hotel, away from the subway station 300m.
  • bb712781
    Tibetan style, taste of Tibet ... ...
  • e01774031
    Hotels in Nice, comes to stay, location
  • glanosy
    Very good hotel, service is also very good next time I go to Chengdu will also go live
  • araiol
    Preferred hotels in Tibet Hotel Chengdu, is my business over the years, from her four stars to five stars now, after her development and growth can be described as 'home away from home', and notable features of the western regions, food variety, varieties would have for breakfast! the room warm, posting to a 'Pro', Sydney medlar and white fungus soup mug on a night filled with small mend! Give praise!
  • Allan2010
    Nice hotel
  • dugulucy
    Child entrance temporary houses, rooms are OK, is the noon meal too many people and the food quality is not yet
  • adder0234
    Hotel is very good, rich in color, very comfortable, next time I will go back to Chengdu.
    Hotel very unique! the location is also very good! near the subway station! room slightly, other are pretty good!
  • liubo999
    Environment is quite good in a four star hotel, stay in Chengdu is better of an experience.
  • prefeitang
    Well, there are restaurants nearby, but the room is very small. is well equipped providing magazines about Chengdu, and easy.
  • crystaltiger
    Like hotels, all are very good.
  • amicos
    Five-star vintage, great, strong Tibetan characteristics, feel good
  • sylviajing
    Very good hotel, nostalgia
  • e01061911
    Tibetan cuisine, relative to other hotel facilities were a little old, and service is very good!
  • mir wave
    Taste a bit of the room
  • cafesweets
    Hotel night quiet, characteristic of Tibetan culture, excellent service!
  • a541354899
    All right
  • Jessica.wu
    Hotel is very good, very unique, large and clean, good service, nightly turndown service, and intimate Sydney white fungus soup, especially the bathroom is very spacious and clean, overall very satisfied
  • Ling4633
    Rooms at times felt it was now, from the waiters to the dish and the city has slipped. prices are high.
  • Maxtic
    In addition to design, outside the facility is too old, and other very good, is the reason for five-star hotels to sell so cheap people
  • super_long
    Even live two late, said about feel; 1. room is big, especially bathroom is big, shower district, bathtub district, toilet district is three a independent regional, wash Taiwan is big. bathroom overall worth praise. 2. room is big, is spacious. bed 1.3 meters wide, is big, a three mouth, put mattress to middle a pulled, live of wide loose pine, without added bed. insufficient; personal like slightly hard some of bed, here of bed too soft, sleep has two days, some tired. pillow is had soft. 3. lobby, 17 floor of restaurant, are good. 4. location, around slightly explicit deserted, taxi to du cottage 20 Yuan around; monju hospital no more than 10 minutes. 5. hotel opposite has home Chongqing pot, also is good of, 24 hours business, food material good. side Shang of a home small restaurant 'Meizhou restaurant', dish cheap, volume big, is good. 6. around alley in has sold fruit of. Above is a brief evaluation of the hardware, I hope to help friends behind. Evaluation of previous users,Repeatedly mentioned what 'accident surprise'. in we to live here of first, a local group of mission friends a just left here, told we to live words, will has accident of surprise. I repeatedly and home people said this thing, hope they get accident of surprise. in staying Hou, in elevator in and room in, many place mentioned this days staying excellent small gift, each out back, always look forward to a copies accident surprise in room in, with we. results to has handle check out Shi, also didn'tMention was made of the matter. I would like to gift is worth a few bucks, just as I have deceived children. When you check out at the front desk and see pictures of striking and giving small gifts, ask the front desk, they say; that sent you! (Two bags of dried beef), and children are very happy, but I always feel like I'm begging! I'm cheap!
  • Current LOC cloud
    Hotel surroundings is not good, service good and featured.
  • lileiamelia
    Hotel is very good, not to station road from Wanda, the static, will continue to live
  • DDM555
    Very unique hotels. the characteristics of Tibetan jewelry store great. small room facilities.
  • Alves
    That's good
  • D460330059
    5 star hotel, highly recommended, very satisfied, have the opportunity to be in this hotel.
  • luanfei1207
    Which is very nice.
  • anne1999
    Special. combining traditional and modern well. Design Hotel worthy of being called a foreigner. renovation should be complete soon, to be better next time.
  • tigerwon
    Good value for money, good breakfast, warm and thoughtful service, and stay there again next time!
  • aaron.jiang
    Every time I'm staying here. but this poor experience in order to meet the rum, hotel laying new carpet in every room, the smell, the concentration of formaldehyde, did people choking?, hotels don't open, it really is.
  • mxsf86
    Very good hotel. Protocol and low price is just fine.
  • susansun99
    Very nice hotel
  • Elsaxiaoxiao
    Alone tourism, had selected has long because appearance more broken so times no select but see has comments has integrated price Hou eventually select has Tibet Hotel, OK himself no missed. location is good, side Shang is million up and Metro station, airport down has airport bus can directly to. Although outside looks not is good but inside again decoration had, and is has hid rhyme style, single room is small ghost, room Butler also is intimate, rummage also see has freeTibet experiencing and Tibetan massage. I praise the breakfast, lots of choice and tastes good. should still choose this hotel next to Chengdu
  • appleren81
    Very good, very good, very good!
  • Fionagufeng
    Well, send white fungus soup was very tasty, warm, feels like home!.
  • Liuyijing96
    Room very good, comfortable, the service is also very good. hotel is near the subway station, go out to play first.
  • loveprettypig
    Environment, health, services
  • amy_wang66
    Good location, old facilities, decoration, breakfast is not good, the price is high.