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Red Palace Banquet Hall

Main Sichuan, Cantonese and Tibetan cuisine, complemented by fine cuisine major. In the inherited from of dining in ancient China to the traditional music Yoo food, complemented by unique-style dining during Tibetan song and dance, the two pavilions.

Pearl Star Restaurant

Elegant and pleasant environment, a blend of authentic Sichuan cuisine and local specialties, and learn the essence of exotic cuisine improvement and self-contained, pure taste authentic. Endless River in food, has offer all kinds of flavor, as in life, do one of them.

Tibet Banquet Hall

It originates from the beverage and food culture of Tibet area more than one thousand years ago, for many years, famous chefs inTibet Hotelhave incorporated modern health care science, elaborately preparing dishes to meet modern taste better, forming the unique "snow area noble banquet" of theTibet Hotel. It is a wonderful flower in Chinese food and beverage area that won the title of "China Famous Banquet" at the 12th National Chef Festival. The requirements of choices of raw materials of Tibet banquet are very strict, all raw materials do not contain any chemical content, and precious traditional Chinese medicine materials are also adopted in dishes, including Chinese caterpillar fungus, snow lotus, and ginseng fruit etc, exhibiting the ancient health care principal of "food as medicine".

Location: 2F

TEL: 86-28-83183388-2250

Service Hours: 17:30 – 22:00

Coffee Shop

There are lots of greeneries in the hall; it can accommodate 200 persons to have dinner. Chinese and western buffet breakfast; western dinner, various kinds of coffee, and Chinese famous tea etc. are served there. Food delivery is provided 24 hours a day.

Location: 2F

TEL: 86-28-83183388-2649

Yak Grill House

The Yak Grill House, created byTibet HotelChengdu and Jiaoguo Hotel Beijing, is nothing short of a classic masterpiece of Chengdu's hotel industry in 2007. As it not only employs a complete set of culinary techniques to cook decent French style foods, but also selects all the materials, flavoring and dish wares from Europe mainland and invites and eminent French chef from France. On the menu we basically select some traditional and representative European cuisines to make sure that every single customer will sense the aromas of the typical European cate.

Location: 1F

TEL: 86-28-83183388-1931

Service Hours: 17:30- 22:00

Yak Cake House

The yak cake house, located in the north street of the hotel, serves kind s of snacks, fruit juice, and ice products. With advanced technology, it can produce various types of high quality exotic cakes to meet your needs of weddings and meetings. Special stuffed buns are provided at 15:00 each day.