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Leisure Hotel features embodied in the entertainment and health care in two parts. "Latin American duo Kong" from Tibetan, meaning holy snow lotus, with its name into the hall and KTV lounge features two private dining rooms areas, all and private dining rooms combined in Tibet "Lucky Eight" package room, you can see Tibetan supplies and clothing, colorgul traditional Tibetan food and other drinks, are all shown on fire in Tibet in general style.

The need to relieve fatigue, Shuhuojingu guest can choose to set up special holy SPA. SPA is a profound series of ancient Tibetan medicine secret method combined with TCM principles, for the majority of busy, tired guests customized body customized set of system health maintenance services, including fitness massage, yoga, sauna, beauty salon, body shaping, moisturizing treatment and a variety of items such as Tibetan fire treatment, the ancient Himalayan culture and modern the perfect combination of city life, not only allow customers access to physical invasion, appearance of care, emotional relaxation possible, but also in this cozy atmosphere, quiet feel from the snow-covered top of the Tibetan style.

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Celestial Massage

Saint SPA perfect reception, so you enjoy a different experience

Saint SPA warm and comfortable environment to rest

Sour Milk Drinking Festival Tibetan cultural totem pole

Happy Snow Cotton

Possession of passionate love, infinite heat

Tibetan Fire Dog Show