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Hotel dining locations named almost all are from some of the unique Tibetan culture vocabulary. Such as the banquet hall named "Red Palace" is an integral part of the Potala Palace; Tibetan banquet hall named "Snow Dayton", the grandest festival in Tibet; luxury business banquet hall named "Lucky", is the most Tibetan The blessings…

Tibetan banquet hall in addition to the overall decorative style, full of Tibetan style, the hotel has specially developed a complete set of high-end Tibetan cuisine – snow aristocratic banquets match. Every evening, the Red Palace Ballroom regularly staged "Red Palace Dance" song toast, toast dance for you with meals add to the fun.

  • Subject Food & Beverage

  • Red Palace Music and Dance

  • Tibetan banquet hall

  • Red Palace Ballroom

  • Eight tableware

  • Tibetan wardrobe

  • Lucky banquet rooms

  • Auspicious rest area banquet rooms

  • Tibetan Customs Gallery

  • Cafeteria

  • Turning lamp tube Arts

  • Cafe

  • Master of Chinese Cooking - Chen Bo

  • Mapo Tofu

  • Ishinabe Gymnadenia stewed chicken

  • Sichuan twice-cooked pork

  • Barley cabbage

  • Tibetan snacks

  • Saffron steamed cod

  • Cordyceps duck side

  • Tibetan cold spell