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Break the standard Apply innovation to hotel industry in the development of green!

Date: 2018-04-13

On April 12, 2018, the China hotel association, guangzhou lingnan international enterprise group co., LTD., to undertake the development of Chinese high quality in the hotel industry conference held in guangzhou.Country garden at the meeting, President of wine tube LLLDD yu international hotel management consulting co., LTD., Shanghai CEO Pan Xiaoke, guangzhou design institute of intelligent design, director of the manifold whistling arrow, less hai hui Ihotel hotel division general manager Wang Liangsheng wisdom, revolves around "green development in the hotel industry profit model" round table BBS, building energy research center, tsinghua university, a senior researcher at li was presided over by the guest.

From the data analysis, country garden wine tube's President LLLDD said, to make an efficient hotel, the first thing to have a good design specification;Must inform the capitation area of the hotel's bottom line, all functions are in there, all aspects of the total area of no more than 40% of the total area, this is everyone should know the benchmark.In addition, the system of the whole restaurant meal digits could not less than half of the total number of rooms, with in this way can the design plan descriptions of the index of sense, he believes that this is as a hotel or hotel assets, the first thing to do.

"Green is not just in terms of energy consumption, we occupied every square meter of building materials, each square meter of land and each human, is a kind of resources" Shanghai yu international hotel management consulting co., LTD CEO Pan Xiaoke to the world's most profitable ritz-carlton hotel data as an example, points out that to improve the plateau effect, must first make a very good market research, in response to a square meter of investment and the construction area, each need so as to realize efficient investment and layout;Of course, good timing and location is also important.The ritz-carlton successfully echo the theme of today.

Guangzhou design institute of intelligent design, director of the manifold whistling arrow from the point of view to talk about how to improve the plateau effect of energy efficiency of air conditioning, he then pointed out an error, power consumption of power supply, accounting for more than 70% of the entire central air-conditioning, so the engine room equipment is generally considered the most power-hungry, is also the most energy.It is the function of manufacturing energy;Do control skills, therefore, not be able to use the waste, on the manufacturing end.Finally, he puts forward, using the new technology can not only improve some comfort, energy saving effect makes the increase many, investment costs also reduce accordingly!Host li on this topic, he encountered in the process of put forward the new technology in the application of an obstacle is the standard.It is hard to break through international hotel of international standards and norms, in China's development too fast, the innovation has reached the international front, it is also a professional and management standard of disconnect, he concluded, at the time of change China green hotel standard, but also to change quickly, the technology is in the industry to promote innovation.

Less sea remit Ihotel wisdom Wang Liangsheng hotel division general manager, said profit and ping, is nothing more than two directions, one is open source, one is throttle.He pointed out from the Angle of the throttle, before hotel opening, from brand choice to in the process of the preparation, there are a lot of unnecessary costs.This is the key problems affecting plateau effect.So how to make the choice of hotel owners and effective supply chain services, the maximum to avoid unnecessary costs, is of great help to enhance profitability and ping.Produce unnecessary costs for two reasons, the asymmetric information, to solve this problem, the owner in the choice of the supply chain at the same time, to examine the brand before the project execution.The second reason is the hotel from brand choice to the construction to the operation link many, therefore, in the process of each link of collaboration is inefficient, cost, time limit for a project delay.Therefore, hotel owners need to asset management consultant role, take out the money to hire a team of professional hotel management consultant or by the hotel management team as a whole of the entire project planning, the advance and the construction of the project, save unnecessary costs, often this part of the cost than it actually is very much higher.

"Compression than the area of the business, to promote plateau effect."Host guest building energy research center, tsinghua university, a senior researcher at li expressed in hangzhou mangrove project as an example, will not open area is compressed by up to 50%, the compression area area will likely become a gain.He also puts forward the new technology, new materials, new technology of modular efficiency will be higher, can even 30% compression.How can you break the international management group of the so-called standard, break the design institute this conservative approach.It is very challenging.

Green hotel is the hope of the future?

Country garden wine tube's President LLLDD said the hotel cost savings, is the game between quality and cost, to find a balance, cannot sacrifice customer experience;In terms of talent training, choose to have the green concept of talent cultivating.Green also include health, no matter what, all want to have a healthy concept, an effective team, can let the hotel in pitch melt pipe annealing has a very good way!This is the hotel should think, is also a hotel the whole cycle is an indispensable part of asset management.

"Green hotel should be a reasonable positioning, appropriate investment, sustainable development, and give appropriate to the guest and a product can be comfortable."Shanghai yu international hotel management consulting co., LTD., said CEO Pan Xiaoke energy everywhere.Because these are resource utilization, the service is very important, also is the concept of green very much.

Wang Liangsheng said that green hotel not only contains the meaning of environmental protection, also contains the healthy, efficient, also includes the humanized service.Consumer upgrades, consumer demand has changed, people are more willing to quality, in order to comfort, to personality, spend more money.Therefore, from the supply chain, to brand operation and management, should proceed from the needs of customers, more energy, focus on customer needs, went up from the source of the specifications of our green hotel management and construction.

What is the best of people for a better life?In a good environment to enjoy science and technology bring convenience to people, and to promote the efficiency of the Internet brings.Paid the money and time, the guest consumption.To optimize their time.To improve efficiency, let a guest to waste time on the good things, is also a kind of consumption.Is afraid of product is good but not good product.The real guest experience is to the good things he did not know.