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Per square meter price far above five-star hotels popular pet hotel in chengdu

Date: 2018-05-25

In recent years, China's pet population and consumption demand both rise, "after 80" and "after 90" new generation become a mainstream of pets.And the older generation have a dog at the door, a cat to catch mice's attitude is very different, the younger generation will be more pet as an important member of the family, also rising in the cost of the pets.Reporters found recently visited, "top grade pet hotel" emerged in chengdu, in the face of foster care expenses at more than $200 a night, chengdu "cat slave, dog slaves" whether to pay?The reporter conducted an investigation.
For the citizens of pets, because on a business trip, visiting relatives and other short-term causes pet foster is an unavoidable question.In the past, foster the cat and dog in pet stores or pet hospital is preferred, but in the process of foster care pet news also have died or became sick.

Reporter discovery, the recent "top grade pet hotel in chengdu" is popular gradually.Because gives the stewards "pet" "remote monitoring" "senior care services," at a pet hotel, a less than 2 square meters of cat house or kennel, the daily rate reached an average of 150 yuan, the highest at more than 200 yuan, every square metre of housing prices is higher than human five-star hotel.

Recently, the reporter came to a pet in the park is located in chengdu wuhou district qingshui river hotel, between the three layers architecture with nearly a cat, dog house.In order to ensure the safety and health, pet every hotel "check-in" pet body check ahead of time.Pet hotel head sinar instrument tells a reporter, unlike conventional pet, "in" the pet hotel of pet have a belongs to own independent room less than 2 square meters.Pet housekeeper every day sooner or later to organizing, tableware disinfection of rooms, in addition, 24-hour monitoring, central air conditioning, fan in addition to services are conducted with PM2.5.In the process of foster care, pets will no longer be in a closed iron cages, can regularly go out activities.

Reporters on the scene to see, in order to make pet can have a better "experience", pet hotel in cat house specially configured an outside hanging the cat climb cage;For demanding pet dog food, pet hotel also provides high-end meals.It is worth mentioning that the pet hotel is equipped with real-time monitoring, pet owners can through the phone app to see MOE familiar's situation at any time.

Facilities perfect pet hotel, hotel, of course, a higher price than the traditional pet.Responsible person of the hotel, the pet hotel cat house is RMB 128 / room;Kennel is divided into the Mediterranean and modern two kinds of style, between price respectively is 188 yuan/RMB 256 and the.Reporter in the public comments on web "pet hotel" input keywords, found nearly 10 similar pet hotel chengdu, prices at 200 yuan a day on average.

That such a price, the citizens have a pet whether to pay?Reporter in an interview, Ms. Dai met to foster the cat's citizen, when it comes to choose a pet hotel, Ms. Dai said: "before the foster of pet store just put the cat inside the cage, not let it activity space.Every time after go home, our family cat is very unhappy.Now put it in the pet hotel, clearly feel it play of very happy, can also with some other cats interaction, also won't like before depression."