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How to use SMS to communicate with guests to improve hotel bookings?

Date: 2018-06-13

According to statistics, 56 percent of people choose to send text messages to hotels rather than call customer service.
More than half of those surveyed said they were more likely to book hotels where they could communicate directly via SMS.
For hotels, SMS conversations represent a fundamental change in the way employees communicate with guests and with each other.

1. Selection tools

For text dialogue software, the hotel there are numerous kinds of choices, but for "free" solutions, independent of the App, and tried to chat robot of artificial intelligence to replace human, must be careful.

The design of the hotel newsletter dialogue platform needs to meet the needs of the hotel itself, and it should be integrated with the hotel's internal communication system, so as to promote the shift of posts, collaboration between various departments and hotels.
If the SMS dialogue solution is too complex, the hotel staff will be less motivated to use it.

2. Clear responsibilities

Who will supervise the resident's SMS dialogue?
The front desk is the obvious choice -- it runs 24 hours a day, employees are skilled in providing customer service and are trained in booking.
In addition, with the use of SMS dialogue service, the number of calls and inquiries received by the front desk will be reduced, which means that the front desk staff will have more time and energy to serve the guests.

All departments of the hotel play their own roles in internal communications.
The manager must ensure that employees understand and perform their duties in order to avoid customer requests not being met or errors occurring.
Pay close attention to communication with customers and look for opportunities to improve efficiency and service.

3. Developing guidelines

SMS communication with guests is different from WeChat with friends.
Without proper guidance, hotel staff may not meet professional or personal requirements, and guests may feel frustrated or dissatisfied.
The hotel can formulate the following guidelines for employees:

Instant response: people want a quick response to SMS conversations and conversations.
Hotels can set a response time of up to five minutes.

Personalization: make a brief introduction to the guest during the first communication with the guest.
If you don't know the sender, politely ask for the guest's name and room number.

Reach your guests

With tools, accountability, and guidelines, hotels should start reaching out to travelers. Here are some ways to connect with travelers:

In the hotel's official website show chat widgets: the hotel can provide help for the guest, answer questions, and when they consider booking hotel in's official website to provide real-time recommendation, to direct order.

Send pre-check - in message: ensure smooth check-in by inviting guests to make pre-arrival plans.

Encourage guests to send text messages: let guests know that there is a new way to contact the hotel, and the hotel displays text Numbers on its official website, booking confirmation emails and checking in.

Send message during check-in: avoid bad comments, ask for their opinions and offer help during check-in, so as to get good comments from customers.

Send a post-stay message: thank the guests, ask them to write a comment or participate in the survey, and invite them to have a brief conversation with the hotel before planning their next stay.