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Independent hotels in the fierce competition in the hotel industry booming

Date: 2018-07-06

Due to the increase of the new hotel and hotel market saturation, the hotel industry competition is more and more fierce, independent hotels so booming development, even more than the hotel chain.

This is from the growth of independent hotels and their daily average room rate (ADR).

"Group, according to the data for two consecutive years compared with brand hotel, the brand of the hotel property of ADR, higher income growth speed faster.

The company in the first quarter of 2018 compared with the data in the first quarter of 2017, will find that the growing popularity of independent hotels surge again, and in both domestic and international bookings, independent hotels in a hotel chain in double speed increase.

We found that even with more than 3500 carefully selected VIP exclusive hotel "(the" Group of VIP Access) compared to the hotel, the ADR advantages of independent hotels are still very strong.

For a 5 star international hotel, the hotel VIP ADR on average than non-vip nearly 60% higher than that of a 5 star international hotel, and in 3 star hotel, the advantages of ADR exceeded more than 10%, it's brought independent hotels more than the hotel chain of ADR.

In the past, due to the size of the hotel chain and marketing strength, the regional advantages of ADR, especially in the international market.But the technology has passed to allow small hotel in contact with world-class marketing, revenue management, e-commerce and competitive insight tool and technology play an important role, to promote fair competition.