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Accommodation X new species: cross-border cooperation to lead the new trend in the hotel industry?

Date: 2018-07-17

Homogeneity in the high-end hotel market competition, the problem is obvious, in consumers' desire for scenario, differentiation, personalized consumption today, the industry need some fresh blood to make different products.By breaking the conventional idea, make some formats across borders to create new species, detonating drainage for accommodation products, create more sources of income and even business models.Pay attention to industry in the dynamic process of perception to the crossover in the industry to try more and more, see the works of some are ceremony.New kind of species, can be roughly divided into three broad categories: other industries the combination of IP and accommodation industry;The combination of health food and lodging industry;Outdoor education combined with parent-child class and hotel industry.

1. The combination of IP and accommodation industry in other industries

The first is the combination of hotel brand IP and accommodation products.According to the type of hotel brand IP roughly divided into three categories: retail IP, IP fashion brand IP and community.Muji for retail IP, shenzhen hotel with strong brand effect, set off topic, became a veritable net red hotel.For fashion brand crossover, Bvlgari hotels in Beijing as an example, in the hotel public area, there are a lot of model photography, male zone set up a lot of jewelry display ark, by doing this the whole hotel lobby into jewelry display window.Is another popular hotels in Shanghai and the combination of flowers and tiger flapping basketball hotel, enter the hotel you can see the basketball court, all the staff wearing a basketball uniform, each floor is a basketball team, this hotel for many do not know much about basketball culture residents to learn and understand the window.

Why other industries do crossover hotel?First of all, by introducing the specific IP, can undertake more segmentation to customers, through to the specific customers to provide more targeted services and products to the customers loyalty will be increased, to a certain extent, make the hotel to avoid competition with other peers.The second point, set the hotel, living more scene, boost consumer experience, through the brand embodies a way of life will be in their mind there is more enduring strong impression.Third, many consumers between IP is the same group of people, just past the lack of a channel can be Shared;By break the barriers between industries, between IP can guide each other form a very strong brand synergies.

2. The combination of health food and lodging industry

The second categories of new species is health food industry and the combination of the lodging industry, roughly into three categories of sports, health and mind health.Sports keeping in good health class in intercontinental hotel from scale, for example, overall promote a very healthy active lifestyle.The combination of health food and accommodation products around the world do of very outstanding is Spain's SHA recuperate health clinics, although there are clinics in the name of the two words, but completely is the operation mode of the resort, there are a lot of doctors and nurses to provide professional services, but there are guests here or there is tension in hospital patients, on the contrary through the elaborate design, the hotel's location and around a lot of beautiful scenery for guests to create the baidu the false feeling.Heart health case is suzhou yangcheng lake yu water day, is a blend of eastern and western philosophical wisdom, provide detailed health advice, and then customize sports courses and personalized menu.

Why is this kind of demand more and more?First, the national macroscopic policy support, the paper puts forward "healthy China 2030" strategy to support this kind of product rapid development.Second, "healthy" has become one of the new era of keywords, consumer health consciousness increasingly intense, focused on health and health related topics, willing to investment to health.Third, due to the aging of the population structure in our country and the problems are becoming ever more obvious, so the problem will be further stimulating demand for older people accommodation product.

3. The outdoor education combined with parent-child class and hotel industry

The last major categories is the outdoor education and the combination of parent-child classes and accommodation products.Depending on the subject is divided into four categories: outdoor playground, camp, IP farm, and family hotel.Outdoor playground in the industry have a lot of word of mouth is Uno Parks, try to break the barrier of the industry to enter the hotel industry make accommodation for different products.Similar to Beijing miyun valley sun case is the combination of outdoor camp and accommodation, accommodation is actually a lot of products and a concept of spirits.Crowne plaza sanya haitang bay resort hotel is in the industry will do outstanding representative of parent-child restaurant.IP farm and accommodation products category, Britain than rabbit willow farm successful will IP can assign role play to the limit for a project.

Why this kind of education parent-child class accommodation will be the new trend?First, with the development of economy, the improvement of productivity, household income has increased, leisure time increasing.Second, parents pay more and more attention to the child education outside the classroom, pay attention to "comprehensive development" and "cognitive" outdoor education mode.Third, some entertainment show in the very great degree also lit the parent-child class requirements.