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ACE is cutting a luxury hotel in new hotel brand market

Date: 2018-07-19

In the late 1990 s, a leading boutique hotel types of brands - Ace hotel officially entered the luxury market, its latest project is a 67 - room hotel in New Orleans.

Called Maison DE la Luz ", the "new hotel with a difference" was designed by Studio Shamshiri, its founders had previously worked at the ACE hotel project.New hotels will be open next spring, to the library bar -- studio ACE team called "concierge services".

About the details of the new hotel is in a real studio ace fashion - very rare, but the company does to the Skift issued the following statement, and points out that, although this is a unique, but it is a concept is likely to spread to other destinations:

"Maison DE la Luz, which is the Ace of the creative studio behind the Hotel of the concept of the first new unique luxury Atelier Ace.We hope can have more opportunities in other cities, but New Orleans singular spirit to make it become the Maison DE la Luz lay the foundation of the perfect city."

Atelier Ace chief brand officer Kelly Sawdon said in a statement, "we love New Orleans inspire us to think different ways to activate its beauty.Maison DE la Luz is a relaxing and a unique window into the city, let a guest the freedom to explore New Orleans singular vitality, or private space in a bid to seek asylum in the gorgeous."

ACE hotel already owns a hotel in New Orleans, but as far as we know, new Maison DE la Luz will more personalized than ACE hotel brand.

Although some may become the ACE hotel brand more accessible and affordable luxury or part of the lifestyle hotel, but the ACE has never been a luxury brand.In fact, when the first ACE hotel opened in Seattle in 1999, it was described as a boutique hotel - some like a hotel room doesn't even have a bathroom - instead of the current luxury lifestyle brand.

This area is gradually transition to the luxury reflect the mature and increasingly diversified combination of Atelier Ace to expand beyond the Ace with the same brand.This suggests that even the most pioneering and innovative brand also have realized transformation and consumers for different types of products and experience the importance of demand and price point.

Later this year, Atelier Ace is opening a new 200 - room hotel, New York is called "Sister City".Although the Maison DE la Luz is considered a luxury, but Sister City is being into the experiment of "essentialism" market.In other words, it is the ACE 'understanding of the concepts of micro hotel.

However, Sister City and Maison DE la Luz was market into a people can "refuge" place - the original ACE hotel brand doesn't have to be in its popular places of public space and activities to highlight.It is interesting to note that as these more quiet residential is forward, Atelier Ace is considering how to balance the guest desire for more public space.