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Black technology in hotel is more and more fun

Date: 2018-07-24

The progress of science and technology bring to people's life more and more convenient, but also provides many fresh experience.As business travellers out of hotel, nature also can't keep up with the development of science and technology, introducing all kinds of "black" of science and technology within the hotel, such as, face recognition, concierge AI robots, etc. New technology are rushing in the hotel.Thus, a hotel is more and more fun!
AI: "small" accompany you stay in a hotel

"A little, little, I'd like to order a bowl of instant noodles clouds."The words sound just fell and room to install the smart panel speaker has shown that the price of the noodles, if confirmed, room to room soon."Small, small, I want to sleep."When residents sent the instructions, the room lights is then closed, the curtain is pulled also automatically.

Recently, Beijing sanlitun surplus center intercontinental hotel suite wisdom shows such scene, let a person feel black AI technology to bring fresh and exciting.From now on, as long as Beijing sanlitun surplus center intercontinental hotel and guangzhou poly intercontinental hotel intercontinental suites, executive club AI wisdom can through intelligent service experience.Is expected during the year, the service will also be in mainland China in succession, a total of 100 administrative club intercontinental hotel suites in the launch.

Learned, intercontinental hotels group in November with luxury hotel brand of intercontinental hotels and resorts with baidu open strategic cooperation and jointly create a new generation of intelligent hotel solution, but now this wisdom hotel also unveiled, the AI artificial intelligence application brought new hotel for guests to experience.

This wisdom hotel solution through dialogue type of artificial intelligence is the secret of hardware devices and the cloud services, with the hotel guest control, management of the front desk and the background of rapid convergence, the wisdom of the new experience.Compared with the traditional guest room, the new AI wisdom rooms can comprehensively through voice control equipment rooms, to achieve a more natural human-computer interaction.Guests are free to switch scene, for example, implementation work or leisure environment pattern choice, also can enjoy more convenient and comfortable room service experience.For the hotel managers, this solution will also improve the existing background management system, configuration information and reset the device, also will be more easily.

Statistics show, the hotel consumers to millennials rising is most obvious, is two times over 35 consumers, therefore, the hotel also hopes that by introducing wisdom suites, more sensitive to the intelligence and science and technology for the millennials guests to provide more intimate services, and millennials eager to try new things and new technology, the emergence of the intelligent room has great attraction for them.

Concierge robot: Connie service for the guest

In recent years, the hotel concierge robot is more and more, these provide guest service robot has become a star in the hotel staff, not only from the appearance point of view of both cool and also to increase the topic in the hotel.Such as Hilton Hotel group before he and a partner with IBM concierge service robot, able to provide related hotel, hotel guest amenities, local shops and restaurants, more intelligent, he can also constantly for self-improvement and improve by learning, to answer more questions, and the interactive effect between the guest will be better.And as early as 2014, aloft the aloft hotel will launch the brand hotel housekeeper "A.L.O" first robot intelligence, the smart hotel housekeeper has sprout of modelling, its design inspiration comes from traditional butler clothing elements - white shirt, black tie, the intelligent robot housekeeper will according to the request of the hotel guests, the guests required by the relevant goods and services to the guest's room.

With concierge upgrading of the robot, the robot in the future can be in front of the guests arrived at the hotel for guests are online services that may need to design, can be programmed at the same time, make them master more special skills, and can make all the arrangements for the guest, such as the service from the airport to provide food service and room to decorate, even can provide company, education, entertainment, business advice and other services.

Face recognition technology: brush "face" in a minute

By a machine, one-stop complete input information documents, photos, get the room card originally need to queue to complete the process of the front desk, such as more quickly into a hotel.Face such a "brush" experience, in the near future can in hangzhou qianjiang new city marriott hotel and ShanHaiTian sanya marriott hotel has experienced.

Recently, alibaba and marriott international joint venture to push the new service, marriott international since July to alibaba's comprehensive tourism travel service platform flying pigs, face recognition technology will introduce self-service check-in service, open "brush face" at times.

Relying on the form of pigs in the field of face recognition technology, brush "face" in the first in hangzhou qianjiang new city marriott hotel and ShanHaiTian sanya marriott hotel use, and then gradually promotion, and extends in the near future to marriott international's global network.Brush in providing "face" in service of the hotel, guests can choose this new way of check-in, by scanning identification, facial photographs and simple operation, enter the phone number you can get the room card and smooth.Traditional hotel for less time is 3 minutes, long holidays you will need to line up and wait, and brush "face" in general can be completed within 1 minute.

The future intelligent hotel "fantasy" or will be implemented

For the "what the future hotel", the industry also has a lot of "fantasy".With the aid of new technology, perhaps soon these new features will appear in the hospitality industry, to bring us more interesting experience.

Deformation of the customized hotel

This will be a new type of custom hotel, the hotel can self-assembly according to consumer demand, and from a design into another kind of design.Because of using nanotechnology, custom hotel can self-assemble into buildings, such technology in the next 20 years will be possible.