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Airport profitable new way of thinking: the hotel to the terminal

Date: 2018-08-10

According to CNBC reported that recently, a new four-star hotel in the twin cities of minneapolis-st. Paul international airport (MSP) completed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.For travelers, the hotel offers a new accommodation options: just off the plane passengers don't need a ride to the hotel in a hurry, can be directly laid down in a comfortable big bed, enjoy the best treatment.
Minneapolis airport intercontinental hotels with a total of 12 floors, 300 rooms, a footbridge connects with the terminal 1.Hotel designed for business travelers close, with the spa center, conference center, there is another, often to help only hand luggage of passengers more quickly to arrive at the boarding gate.

Airport spokeswoman, Melissa Scovronski said. "the Minneapolis airport traffic was particularly big, therefore, for business travelers stay only a few days, the airport hotel is particularly convenient."

Minneapolis airport hotel is a public-private hotel, it also shows that the emergence of airports gradually realized that bring huge profits, airport hotels can not only enhance the airport competitive advantage, can provide convenient travel for passengers.

In the next few years there will be more and more hotel for passenger check-in at the airport.There are many hubs provides this almost luxury accommodation, including George Bush intercontinental airport in Houston (marriott), Boston's Logan international airport (Hilton), Philadelphia international airport (marriott) and Mr. Hale Chicago airport.

In 2015, Denver international airport welcomed a Denver international airport has 519 guest rooms westin hotel and conference center.Plaza hotel is located in the adjacent Jeppesen terminal, in addition to restaurant, indoor swimming pool and gym area, there are a variety of art collections and commuter rail transit to the city.

In Dallas/fort worth international airport, there are two hotels through terminal: C terminal of the Dallas/fort worth, hyatt hotels and D terminal Dallas/fort worth, grand hyatt hotel.The hotel offers a variety of food choices, the roof has an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the runway;In addition, the hotel also has a allowing customers in and out of the airport terminal services, make the customer can use the facilities within the airport terminal.

At the same time, Wayne county airport authority recently working with starwood hotels and resorts group, 15 million cash, overhaul at Detroit metropolitan airport McNamara terminal westin Detroit metropolitan airport hotel.

In addition to the conference room, room, with a swimming pool (you can see the airport runway sight) fitness area, next to the hotel lobby with the TSA security checkpoints, and can be introduced into the terminal to provide customers with the passport.

The Miami airport terminal hotel was built in 1959, after the renovation of the air at Miami international airport hotel is provide by the day.The hotel has the first airport Air Margaritaville restaurant, and on the top floor, and the nation's first Viena restaurant.

Airport spokesman Greg Chin said, "for the main international hub airport like Miami airport, about 40% of the passengers need to change, many of them will stay for a long time.Airport hotel is a very attractive amenities, also important source of income."

With 25 years of history of hyatt hotel by the airport authority all Orlando international airport, the hyatt hotel operations.

"Our airports are designed to provide the best for travellers' Orlando experience, this hotel is our goal to achieve an effort;And for the customers, it is a great convenience."Airport spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell said, "of course, it is also the important impetus of the airport income growth."

Orlando airport hotel customers can enjoy a variety of preferential treatment, such as baggage service."The customer off the plane and came to the front desk, put the baggage claim ticket to us, our bellboy will send luggage directly to your room."Fennell said.

Atlanta, and will also set up their own airport hotel in San Francisco.The grand hyatt hotel in San Francisco international airport plans to officially opened in the summer of 2019, 351 rooms, with a 1.5 square feet of meeting space, also can be directly to the AirTrain light rail system.In 2020, Atlanta, anfield - Jackson international airport intercontinental hotels will be opened.

Chicago airline wants a new hotel near the terminal 5, and in 2023 before the existing Mr Hale airport Hilton Hotel for renovation and modernization, at the same time, the highly anticipated New York's Kennedy international airport TWA hotel related work are also carried out.

TWA hotel is scheduled to open in early 2019, Eero Saarinen's iconic TWA flight 1962 center will become a 505 - room hotel style restoring ancient ways, the hotel has 5 square feet of space art, conferences and activities and a hall covers an area of 20 square feet, can be called is the world's largest hotel lobby;In addition, the hotel will have a swimming pool and the roof of the aviation museum observation deck.