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For 45 years, the chief concierge about the ritz hotel in London those things

Date: 2018-09-01

We all day on what kind of business for yourself, what kind of job is worth doing for a lifetime.

How long is work for the rest of your life?45 years enough?Michael De Cozar - The Ritz hotel Ritz London London's chief concierge has worked in The hotel for 45 years!Crazy brother read his resume, from the age of 16, Michael was in dining and banquet in the world the only certified by the royal's top luxury five-star hotel work!Is really envy envy hate!

45 years of experience in hotel, presumably he will have a lot of unforgettable stories and good management skills, crazy elder brother saw his interview, here and share with us together!Remember the names of all the guests what's the trick?For a long time, I see it as a very important thing to yourself, don't rely on computer, constantly practice and memory;Served more than 40 years, I remember every guest's face and name, remember I treated every number.

For example, I remember all our local restaurants, salons and store contact information and address.Because we won't have much time at the front desk, must quickly;When I see the face of the guests, in my mind, I can directly reflect their door number, so that I can make the door before they request the keys to their hands.

Answer guest use are there any special skills?First, provide guests with a variety of choice;Second, also did not think of things for guests to provide complete solutions.For example, when guests are put forward to want to go to the cinema, then look around, to ask your advice, according to his request you provide several within walking distance to reach the destination.You are expected to, if because of the rain, or other reasons, we can't at that time to arrange a car for guests with the driver's car, so the guests take a taxi to their destination is also has the certain difficulty;If you provide short walking distance of the destination, will reduce the possibility of guest inconvenience.

Again, for example, some guests assigned to Michelin restaurants, for me, the biggest challenge is that when I recommend a restaurant, I will guarantee the success for guests booking, we need to understand different each restaurant reservation requirements;Also, to pay attention to the newly opened restaurant information at any time, to meet the needs of different guests.

A miracle of you met requirements?The first is to prepare for the meeting guests in black shoes.At that time, our hotel is a very important meeting, one participant shoelace broke, just need me to help him in a shoe lace, but he asked the LACES must be round bars, the color is obsidian black, and his shoes to match exactly;I subconsciously looked at my shoes, untied it let guests to try it on, the result is very appropriate.It also became a meeting to talk about - The Ritz London's chief concierge actually solved his shoelaces!Ha ha, isn't that proceed from the foot of the guests to solve the problem, please (put yourself in for the sake of the guests of the performance)?(pun intended: Could you call that thinking on your feet?)