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WeChat friends can see you've been to the restaurant and hotel public comments response: has been corrected

Date: 2018-09-02

Do you want to know your micro letter friends what restaurants have recently been to?However, when you see the trends at the same time, friends can also see what scenic spots have visited restaurants, have you been recently, to which hotels, even if you only pay attention to these restaurants, attractions, will also be automatically generated into a all visible tip, are you willing to?

Beauty of the youth league flag under the public comments are vigorously called for users logged in to use WeChat and share with friends dynamic, and presents a $5 bonus, but the APP didn't tell the user that it will be very focused to help you with friends to share information, customs doesn't shut off.It also triggered a public comment on leak user privacy question.

Travel through the website microblogging issued a statement, the three rectification measures are put forward, including new "a key stop using third party all social relations" function;Through micro letter login and import the friends relationship, in the case of support user manual focus on adequate tip;Increase include a key set "don't let others find me through WeChat, QQ" "cancel notice" "remove" fans "blacklist" and other new features.

Public comments said, it is hope to have a willingness to share the good experience for all users to be able to share in life, "but we also found that the existence of the local, thoughtless this with our intention."