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Jingdong into hotel industry 'unbounded strategy' to attract partners?

Date: 2018-11-02

On October 25, jingdong travel at a strategic conference in Beijing, officially announced jingdong "unbounded hotel" four major strategies: scenario development, members can assign a panoramic view, two-way procurement, marketing.

"Jingdong travel will reconstruct the hotel industry, cargo, and become one of the hotel industry enabler and innovator."Jingdong group, senior vice President, jingdong mall 闫小兵 electronic entertainment business group President said at the meeting.

Jingdong travel is jingdong electronic entertainment business group of emerging business strategy level.闫小兵 said, the future will open all core inside the jingdong system resources, including the high quality customer resources, powerful advantage of supply chain upstream and downstream, artificial intelligence and big data and cloud computing technologies such as ability, etc., to fully support jingdong travel business development.

From the four strategy introduced, jingdong in order to do a good job in the hotel business, really took a lot of core resources.

In terms of scenes, jingdong said, will jointly hotels and brands, including quality games experience, new experience and interest in experience field the three "unbounded marketing" experience.Jingdong mall Hou Kuiyu life travel business department general manager said that the next will be hand in hand 1000 world famous brands, and 1000 hotels in kind, creating nearly 20000 retail experience field rooms.

In members can assign Hou Kuiyu, said jingdong currently has 313 million active users, 10 million PLUS members, system will be based on the physical consumption data intelligent analysis category, accurate judgment user attributes, at the same time through marketing tools precision touch of customer segments.

In terms of two-way sourcing strategy, jingdong will open to the hotel partner more than millions of enterprise users, 170000 merchant, and the whole category of goods and other resources.Specific ways include: to help enterprise customers agreement hotel centralized purchasing;Hotel backstage at a cheaper price through physical products procurement;Matching precision push for the hotel to the enterprise group.

Will focus on the panoramic panoramic view in marketing, jingdong marketing resources, enhance partner brand and product image.Previously, jingdong in several key business sectors have accumulated a lot of resources, will be on "in the area of the hotel business, jingdong strategy + media + + AD + pr + new area + + content across the category" matrix, the integration of marketing help hotel marketing level upgrade.

Jingdong: why do you want to develop the hotel business?In April this year, liu said: "the jingdong is not an electricity company, is a technology to build supply chain services company."The proposed the strategy of "unbounded hotel", and jingdong previously proposed "unbounded retail" and "unbounded logistics" keep highly consistent.

In addition, according to jingdong second-quarter earnings in 2018, according to data from jingdong revenue growth is slowing, the current net profit fell 50% year on year.Jingdong is looking for a new source of cash flow and profit.Therefore, the hotel business became one of the new entrance to jingdong.

According to Hou Kuiyu at the scene of the conference, according to jingdong travel was founded in 2014, in addition to the hotel business, also operates transportation, travel resort, scenic park, local play, travel service, etc.Among them, jingdong hotel business sales for three consecutive years the average growth rate of 383%, has developed into a jingdong leading business travel.

Journalists see on jingdong app interface, jingdong have "hotel, travel on jingdong" slogan.Compared with HTML, however, such as large pigs, ctrip, new OTA giant, jingdong approach time seems a little late, play also does not have too much on new meaning.Jingdong hotel and user be gathered together to a deeper level, achieve the goal of "unbounded hotel", there is still a long way to go.