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The world's only underwater hotel

Date: 2018-11-06

Dubai is a veritable create miracle!And an unprecedented building in dubai - luxury hotel is located in the underwater.The united Arab emirates dubai jellyfish hotel is the world's first underwater hotel in the true sense.It just like a huge jellyfish, it is understood that the luxury hotel called Hydropolis will consists of three parts: the ground station - used to receive customers;Tunnel - all staff and the main part of the goods will be arrived at the hotel from here;Hotel main body has a total of 220 luxury suites.The guests arrived at the "crystal palace", first through a long 510 meters, bakelite glass tunnel through the bottom of the ocean hotel.Then choose their preferences under the sea room.Such as guests can lie in the "blister suite", through the transparent "walls" and "ceiling" watch out colorful Marine life.Hydropolis will also become one of the largest building in the world, the total area of 260 hectares.Hotel is located in about 20 meters below the surface, total cost around 550 million euros.

The united Arab emirates dubai jellyfish hotel is the world's first underwater hotel, in the true sense its conception from science fiction in 20000 "the sea".Hotel a land tunnel and underwater, a villa of three parts.Every guest rooms are with super luxurious advanced materials to decorate, is also available to the music and smell of internal control;In addition, the hotel also has a submarine moored on the pier.In addition, in order to the underwater city, hotel built on land special an artificial beach, one can manufacture artificial fog giant smoke machine, in order to protect the guest from sun exposure.It is said that in order to prevent terrorist attacks, the hotel will also be equipped with high precision radar anti-missile system;In the event of danger, specially designed waterproof gate will be duly separates the damaged facilities with the rest of the hotel.