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High-end custom growth more than three digits ctrip launch services aimed at 'rich'

Date: 2019-04-08

Recently, the ctrip announced its high-end customized product is launched, the user can through ctrip APP "scratchable latex" custom swim inside find high-end custom entry.At present, high-end custom key covers the destination has been more than 80 countries and regions, including polar, Europe and the United States, Australia, tafiti, and South America.

Custom is not a new concept, ctrip online travel agencies, such as flying pigs as early as 2016, 2017, related services.Online travel agencies through travel planners experience of cooperation with local service companies, let a guest in the understanding of local rare cases, can feel the culture.

And this will not be able to meet the high net worth population is more and more abundant travel experience, and the pursuit of local niche play.In some cases, released ctrip can get:Have a guest custom made last year, the longest custom Tours, Russia's depth of 43 days Tours, travel in addition to the classic lines including visit Moscow, st Petersburg, still need to fix the game tickets and special passes, experience special religious activities, such as mass, watching a ballet performance, recommend cafe and shop for photos, go to the town, in the fairy tale and reindeer meat meal, and so on.

Shanghai nine others deal or no deal, Japan's kanto holiday leisure, business affairs personage fully in rainbow skarn and mandarin Oriental hotel, business class round-trip, 10 days to spend 620000;Guangzhou line 6 custom made 24 depth tour of Africa, from the masai mara, falls to the awassa, Kilimanjaro mazar-e-sharif spans nearly 20 places, lodge and see wild animals, costing 430000 yuan...There are many such examples.

According to figures released by the ctrip, customized tour demand quantity of single 3 years in a row with three digits, 2018 ctrip travel customization platform requirements single volume rose by more than 180%, in the common custom Tours, second - and third-tier cities custom tourism demand growth for more than a line.The demand of the first-tier cities from quantity to quality, more people choose high-end niche custom Tours, per capita consumption of 23749 yuan.

In this case, ctrip released its high-end customized product line.This is also the domestic first integration of the global supplier of high-end custom of platform.Compared to common custom travel service, the new release of the high-end product line mainly include services and supplier two advantages.

First is ctrip high-end custom arrangement for the guest of "one to one travel exclusive housekeeping, years as the unit for the user to filter scheme, later period before travel to provide uninterrupted service for the guest.

Followed by stroke high standards "heart to heart" professional, high-end custom division at least 3 years experience in service.Journey to the south, for example, high-end custom can cleverly circumvent waves larger drake passage, and can guarantee the guest have a longer visit on time.

Finally can coordinate with local suppliers, to launch "special treatment".With ctrip previously customized features a "national geographic" trip, for example, visitors will master and photography, conservation experts, manual craftsmen, cultural scholars invited experts, such as depth communication together.Also can be allowed into the research institute, the museum closed to the public area, and the thorough exchange, an expert in the field or the local people in the journey to understand unknown behind the scenes, close contact with the local culture.