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Date: 2019-04-28

Held on April 15, 2019, "Abby will meet in the first quarter of 2019 Chinese media communication", recently released Abby to meet the business progress shows that Abby to meet domestic business growth in the first quarter nearly three times.

Last year, not only in China, according to data, American consumers in reality platform consumer spending grew by 30%, the total consumption has exceeded the Hilton and brand consumption, at this point, the hotel market nightmare gradually became a reality.

Reality, into the Chinese market of foreign guests

Since entering China, reality is to cut the force of bamboo again quickly occupied the Chinese market, according to official figures, Abby meet IOS and android live on local Chinese users than other local Chinese home stay facility platform, has become China's travelers travel first choice of home stay facility.In the first quarter of 2019 of the fastest growing lower-tier Abby to meet tourist market all over the country in different regions, such as chengdu, chongqing, wuhan, xi 'an, tianjin, zhengzhou, changsha, suzhou, ningbo, foshan and other places.

"Abby to meet in the first quarter has introduced our New Year ', '48 hours do you play enough, and borrow the theme and the MINI crossover marketing 48 hours, and a series of brand activities, leading the millennials traveling wave.At the same time, we increase the advancing deep upgrade product innovation and service, let brand and product seamless docking, to form effective closed loop of stimulating growth."Peng Tao Abby to meet China's President, to share the secret of the first quarter wave red.

Among them, the recent launch of the cooperation with the MINI is Abby to meet the latest masterpiece of crossover - Abby meet some MINI hidden in the houses, fortunately the tenant will have the opportunity to unlock the MINI, open out the MINI road trip."We are committed to continue making the Abby meet end-to-end one-stop travel platform, covering every link of travel.Through this activity, Abby can meet the travel, accommodation and by means of a one-stop experience together, become a one-stop service platform."Peng Tao said.