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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
тибетский ресторан (Tibet Hotel Chengdu), отель расположен в торговом районе центра города чэнду, рядом с линией метро номер 1, люди, север остановки б выход.это дом, где расцветают цветы шелковицы, сладкий и далёкий тибетский аромат, белый белый Хадар для вас ветер, теплый тибетский чай для вас мыть пыль, простые вращающиеся трубы, чтобы сказать вам о вечности лет.бродит по тибетскому ресторану, как и в тибетском музее культуры, и через Тангу, как будто видел мастерскую Картины художника, пьяную красотой, в которой пение санскрита из дворца Потала...красота Тибета тает между дюймами, в чистом и чистом тональном стиле, тщательное и заботливое обслуживание, чтобы создать теплое и счастливое ощущение пребывания в стране, сердце прозрело в гавани, также является отправной точкой тибетского путешествия.'в тот момент, когда я поднял флаг лошади, не для того, чтобы попрошайничать, просто для того, чтобы ждать твоего прибытия.'
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  • luanjw
    Always clean, warm. Chengdu live every time you come here ... service was good, the waiters were friendly. prices are good, cost-effective.
  • endy8742
    There are strong ethnic flavor, bathroom is very large, very satisfying.
  • Andily Kobayashi
    Kids holiday, flight delays caused by travel agents to arrange live in the hotel, your hotel at the top of their pay, conditions were much better than Hotel included in the mission.
  • outwindcn
    Well, next time.
  • sdr2002
    Hotels in North Renmin road, North Road station close to the Metro Line 1 line people. strong Tibetan architecture and decorative style throughout the hotel. opportunities will stay next time.
  • Big bang
    Always loved this hotel, just booked a single room, a bit too small ... don't order room in the future.
  • meiling100
    Health and services of the hotel are good, each to Chengdu was the hotel again next time
  • cc2jj
    The cheapest 5 stars, good condition
  • feibotao
    Dining room decoration moved to /f, manner.
  • leo1dong
    Great breakfast in the hotel style is typical of Tibetan style, live very comfortable
  • sunyan1225
    Very good, easy travel, breakfast was great, very unique
  • e00215230
    Very thoughtful.
  • blueguo
    Very good hotel, go live, this time is the choice here, feeling is always good!
  • bclww
    Like where a closer to Tibet
  • beijingxu
    Which is very nice
  • littlepig524
    Very good
  • eeicom
    That's good!
  • jjc2727
    Culture, management and meticulous, and warm service, cost-effective. exquisite single room a good deal.
  • foreversyf
    That's good
  • marbury2166
    very good
  • linjinliyes
    The hotel recommended by colleagues, and live in a really small room to tell the truth, but a little bit is recommended, meals dinner is not bad, especially as I love eating meat, if this activity continues, and will continue to live
  • bigxiaxia
  • cindygu77
    Featured Restaurant is full of Tibetan style services like next time will stay
  • e01424713
    As well, due to city traffic, sent buffet wasted. high cost performance
  • lisonglin
    Like the old five-star hotels, all aspects of facilities is quite close to the
  • jerry_jiang
    The room is too small, early in the decoration, terribly noisy
  • anan0204
    National features, very good hotel, hotel fragrance smells great
  • andy_ytg
    Tibetan style is very strong, but is there a lot of mosquitos
  • xixiting
    Is near from the North train station, service very good. the next live here!
    Convenient travel has chosen this hotel.
  • angelgan919
    Near from the customer, but the price is not high, older hotels
  • lance-boswin
    Well, good health condition
  • tnliao
    The old five-star hotels, lived for more than 10 years ago, this takes the family to stay, service is always attentive, delicate. Wanda Plaza and not far from Metro station, convenient, wenshu snack Street, Station Road, great location, by the family home ... the only fly in the ointment is that some old equipment!
  • cicit521
    It is worth staying.
  • doulaimi2009
    Well, catch up with the Tibetan new year, the atmosphere is good.
  • yfjsm
    Hotels stand about 2 kilometres north of Chengdu, one stop Metro walk about 400 meters to. is 400 meters from the Wanda Plaza shopping, restaurants. Is a veteran of the 5 star hotel facility slightly old but very good health. Hotel services are in place, breakfast very rich. decoration of the hotel is the Tibetan-style, this unique in Chengdu. Family was satisfied with the stay hotel in Tibet. Is around demolition just taken immediately to the new building across the street,May affect the accommodation experience. Hotel Tibet meal is very good, the restaurant is just renovated this year. have the opportunity to revisit the experience.
  • SunDannie
    Second ... well.
  • sjj0531
    Very good, next time will still choose Tibet Hotel, Chengdu.
  • creesbea
    Around the construction site has been surrounded. transformation of the old hotel 5 star. the bathroom is OK, room was a bit small. bathrobes in the closet, no one for a long time, odor ... breakfast OK. affordable.
    Good, next time business or selected
  • office110_2000
    Service and warm hospitality, elegant and tidy environment features, from Wanda square very close to eating tours shopping movies readily available. 009
  • james Li
    As to the Tibetan regions, both lobby décor, and furniture in the room, or even breakfast configuration, all highlighting the deep reservoir
  • melinda83512
    Hotel facilities good, it is easy to
  • rosmarin
    Well, after all, is the five-star?, rooms and small gifts.
  • beccabely
    Veteran hotel, service is Rod, but facilities also is some with not Shang, reservation of luxury big bed room, but shower between of ground leveling poor, bath water fundamental flow not out, each are have is carefully, breakfast is Rod, also is has hid type and Chuan taste snacks, first times drink buttered tea, taste good. hotel location belongs to make in the take static, away from Metro and million up square is near. If has opportunities again to Chengdu also will live this.
  • cosnn
    Very nice and convenient. are not included in the price is little expensive early dining.
  • d05575800
    As always, good
  • D460330059
    5 star hotel, highly recommended, very satisfied, have the opportunity to be in this hotel.
  • lynda.sun
    Each time you come to Chengdu will choose this hotel, hotel services and sanitation can also, rooms have wireless, also offer dinner buffet during your stay, dinner, variety, is very good. also recommend the hotel Red House of beef, it's delicious.
  • evangelinewang
    Live over there and just decorating this time, so the whole effect is estimated to be for a long time